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Feuille et grappe de vigne accompagnant l'information sur la récolte 2018 et le millésime 2017 du Château Haut de Lerm

Let's go back to the 2019 harvest After a very complicated summer, with high probability of diseases on leaves and fruits, we have succeeded in preserving harvest and in bringing it to an optimum maturity. We decided early on thinning out of the leaves over the entire vineyard. It results in a good ventilation and exposure of fruits, therefore, by anticipation, reducing the risk of mildiou.

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Our Open House Day

Restauration - Plats fermiers avec artisans et agriculteurs au Château Haut de Lerm, dans l'Entre Deux Mers, près de La Réole

Sunday, September 1st , we invite you to the 16th edition of our Open House Day, from 10 am to 6 pm , free admission. Visit or share your opinion

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ISO 14001 Certification

Bienvenue à la Ferme

We are happy to announce that Château Haut de Lerm is a member of the First Association for EMS (Environmental Management System) Bordeaux Wine certified ISO 14001,  for the fourth year running. The Bordeaux Wine EMS approach is recognized as equivalent to the second level environmental certification regards the activity «viticulture» of the operation. Château Haut de Lerm thus contributes to the implementation of the Grenelle Environment Forum. Support us !!

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